Angular event in Eingabe



Angular events are created byinserting the event in the input field in the html page as here with




and receives the event in the code-behind page









Note: for the input field there is only the Angular (input) and not the javascript oninput or onclick



.html page

Insert the (input)=”onInputEvent($event)“

Code src\app\components\liste\liste.component.html


<p>Eingabe ngModel 2Way:<br>

     <input type="text" class="forms-control" [(ngModel)]="ListName" ></p> 


Ausgabe={{ ListName }}


<p>Eingabe event Binding: <input type="text" class="forms-control" 

    (input)="onChangeInput($event)" ></p> 


Ausgabe={{ ListName }}




In the code-behind page



Code in the  filesrc\app\components\liste\liste.component.ts


import { ComponentOnInit } from '@angular/core';



  selector: 'app-liste',

  templateUrl: './liste.component.html',

  styleUrls: ['./liste.component.css']


export class ListeComponent implements OnInit {


  //< Angular Data >

  ListNamestring = "Data Excample";

  //</ Angular Data >


  constructor() { }


  ngOnInit(): void {