Win10 Sample:
Title bar sample
This sample shows various ways of customizing the title bar.

Sample 1: Custom colors
An app can customize the color of the title bar and the title bar buttons.

Sample 2: Custom drawing
Titlebar mit Controls. Checkbox und bei Fullscreen Mode wird die Titlebar dynamisch eingeblendet
When the view is extended into the title bar, the app can render into the space normally occupied by the title bar.
The alpha channel of the title bar button background is respected when the view is extended into the title bar.
The app can use the properties of the CoreApplicationViewTitleBar object to make the app's custom title bar match the size and position of the system title bar.

Github: https://github.com/Microsoft/Windows-universal-samples/tree/master/Samples/TitleBar
The sample shows the following techniques:
Customizing the colors in the standard system title bar.
Extending the view into the title bar, so you can draw a custom title bar.
Responding to changes in title bar states.
Drawing controls in the title bar (XAML only).