Face Detection Sample #Win10
This sample applies an end-to-end approach to demonstrate how to write a camera application using the Windows.Media.Capture API in conjunction with orientation sensors to cover the functions that most camera apps will require. In addition, it will show a simple way to use the Face Detection effect included in Windows. This sample is based on the CameraStarterKit.


Manage the MediaCapture object throughout the lifecycle of the app and through navigation events.
Acquire a camera located on a specific side of the device. In this case, the sample attempts to get the front camera.
Start and stop the preview to a UI element, including mirroring for front-facing cameras.
Take a regular picture to a file, taking into account the orientation of the device.
Handle rotation events for both, the device moving in space and the page orientation changing on the screen. Also apply any necessary corrections to the preview stream rotation.
Handle MediaCapture Failed event to clean up the MediaCapture instance when an error occurs.
Manage the Face Detection effect, including creation, configuration, activation/deactivation, registering for events, and cleanup.
Render face bounding boxes as an overlay on the camera preview, taking mirroring and rotation into account.
nitialize and manage the FaceDetector object
Execute face detection to find human faces within a photograph file or within a single frame of video
Acquire bitmap data from a source file (jpeg, bmp, or png) and convert it to a format supported by FaceDetector
Acquire a video frame from a video capture stream and convert it to a format supported by FaceDetector
Retrieve results from FaceDetector and visualize them