Du bist ein trockener Elektro Freak und möchtest 1 Mio gewinnen ?

Das geht jetzt bei Google:
Alles was du tun mußt ist einen Konverter zu bauen, der sehr klein ist.
Einen Leistungskonverter mit Mini-Abmessungen.

Die Teilnahmebedingungen und die Daten zum Wettbewerb sind unter

Inverters are the essential boxes that take direct current from devices such as solar panels and batteries and turn it into alternating current for use in homes, businesses, and cars.
The problem is household inverters are too big—roughly the size of a picnic cooler. Making them smaller would enable more solar-powered homes, more efficient distributed electrical grids, and could help bring electricity to the most remote parts of the planet.
That’s where you come in: figure out how to shrink an inverter down to something smaller than a small laptop (a reduction of > 10× in volume) and smaller than everyone else, and you’ll win a million dollars (and help revolutionize electricity for the next century).

Bewerben darf man sich bis 30.September 2014
September 2014

Applicants contemplating competing in the prize must register their team by the registration deadline:
September 30, 2014.
Eligible academics interested in pursuing grant funding must apply by the grant application deadline:
September 30, 2014 by visiting the University Relations site.

Als ein Ansatz wäre wie dort angedeutet, Halbleiter mit Gallium Nitrid oder besser Gallium-Carbid zu verwenden
Device Manufacturers
One promising set of new technologies which may allow for the achievement of higher power densities are wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, such as Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC). Below are a list of WBG device manufacturers who have made pages describing their technology, how it might enable contestants to win the competition and opportunities for obtaining some of their devices.

Einzelne Firmen die um zusammenhang ausschreiben:

The three keys to pushing the power density boundary
Overcoming power density limitations
Thermal management system
All of the energy lost by the inverter due to its inefficiency must be removed and dissipated into the atmosphere. The size of this thermal management system is driven by system efficiency, allowable temperature rise over ambient, and means of convection to ambient air (natural vs. forced).

Power magnetics
Aside from semiconductor devices, power magnetic components are the key building blocks of power electronic systems. They account for a significant portion of the system volume and cost. DC chokes/inductors, AC inductors, and transformers can all be made smaller by increasing the switching frequency and selecting an appropriate core material.

Power filter components
Increasing the switching frequency of a DC/AC inverter stage allows the use of smaller AC filters with higher cutoff frequency. In some cases, this may also enable the replacement of failure-prone electrolytic capacitors with more reliable plastic film types. The use of soft-switched topologies at high frequencies also enables more compact EMI filters.

Wer sich mit Carbiden auskennt, der kann auch hier ansetzen