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AC to DC converter with power factor correction
US 7746040 B2

An input current shaping AC to DC converter with PFC front end that reduces input current harmonics is provided. In one embodiment, an AC to DC converterconnectable with an alternating current source and operable to output a direct current has a PFC front end followed by a DC/DC converter. The PFC front end reduces harmonic components present in an input current waveform received by the PFC front end from the alternating current source and includes current steering circuitry and, optionally, valley filling circuitry. The DC/DC converter is one that presents pure resistive input impedance to the PFC front end. TheDC/DC converter outputs the direct current to a load connected thereto.

DC/AC converter to convert direct electric voltage into alternating voltage or into alternating current
US 7046534 B2

A DC/AC converter is disclosed having two DC voltage connections (1,2), between which are provided in a parallel circuit configuration, an intermediate energy storage (C1) and a bridge circuit providing at least two parallel branches, each branch providing two in-series-connected switch units (A,B and C,D), to each of which a rectifier diode (DA,DB,DC DD) is connected in parallel, and having at least two AC connections, of which each single AC connection is connected via a connecting line, in each of which an inductor (L1 respectively L2) is provided, to one of the parallel branches of the bridge circuit between two the switch units (A,B respectively C,D) via one connecting node. In at least two connecting lines, two separate electrical connecting paths are provided, in each of which a switch (E respectively F) and an in-series-switched rectifier diode (DE respectively DF) are provided. The rectifier diodes (DE,DF) in the single connecting paths are switched in an opposite conducting direction.


Power converter for converting DC voltage into AC phase voltage having three levels of positive, zero and negative voltage
US 5361196 A

An apparatus for a three-level DC/AC converter, in which the width of output pulse having the same polarity as the fundamental wave of the converter output phase voltage is adjusted depending upon the DC component of a differential voltage between two DC voltages in a dipolar modulation system of theconverter. Whereby, the imbalance of DC components between the two DCvoltages is easily and effectively suppressed.

Transformerless DC-to-AC power converterand method
US 6198257 B1

A system and method for generating an AC power output signal from a DCpower input signal. The system incorporates a transformerless DC-to-DC boost regulator including a plurality of boost stages coupled in series for receiving aDC input signal and producing a boosted DC power signal. The system further incorporates a DC-to-AC converter coupled to the transformerless DC-to-DCboost regulator, for receiving the boosted DC power signal and generating an ACpower output signal. A control element is coupled to both the DC-to-DC boost regulator and the DC-to-AC converter. In at least one embodiment, the system and method for generating an AC power output signal from a DC power input signal are used in connection with an uninterruptible power supply.