Internal Note: Insider Feedback zu Visual Studio und UWP
Hello [Microsoft Insider Feeback],
my English is not the best, so you might be annoyed by talking via skype, but if you would like to talk anyways, then I will check in to an online meeting.
Give me 10 Topics/Questions you want to discuss.
Some points in preview:
I am working as a freelancer since 1996 and working with Microsoft since 1987. The first years I worked on MS Access Databases, SQL Server and then worked on vb.net forms and asp(1) and asp.net. And later I changed to WPF.
Meanwhile I setup a web domain with programming stuff mostly filled with Microsoft programming (Microsoft-programmierer.de) and nowadays I extended it with YouTube.
So I get some jobs by the internet and feedback from there.
The recent years I took up the chance with Windows 10 to run Universal Windows Platform Apps.
After programming now more than a year on UWP, I decided to change to Android Studio and develop Android Apps 2 months ago (June 2016).
The point is, that nobody needs an UWP-Developer. In counts on the freelancer and job market in Germany: 15 Java, 5 c#, 5 MVC, 4 WPF and maximum 1 on UWP.
So why should I change back to WPF since Microsoft said it will be dead.
Yesterday I canceled my developer account on Microsoft, since this charges me 75 Euro per year, but for what? For developing and uploading apps into your store?
Visual Studio I a great environment. But it is made for Microsoft stuff. Other environments work on their world also great.
UWP: too many No-Go.
With UWP you may write apps but not applications. (that’s the result)
UWP is made for windows phone. With pages and not windows (on Windows 10)
-no third party control developers (Telerik, Dev Components) are on the boat.
-no access to the screen (on pc apps)
-no global hook (on pc apps)
-no access to external files out of the sandbox (on pc, except each time grant by a user-dialog-search-path-select-grant)
-no ftp
-no database support
-no admin tasks
-no real desktop extension.

At least I may not recommend a company to setup an app on UWP. I even have to warn them and show all hints. So they have to stay on the dying WPF or change to Java.
And please: when you (Microsoft) write: we heard you into the feedback hub, then it is a bunch into the programmer’s face. It is ridiculous when reading the history.
Still interested in a meeting?
Then give me a feedback.
Raimund Popp
Youtube (english stuff): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2HmFo5sOOdITNFCjGzknOQ/videos?view=0&shelf_id=0&sort=dd